With our winegrower-refractometers RHB-190-OE ATC you can determine the content of sugar in grape juice (mash) which is the potential alcohol content of the wine when it is ready. The refractometer is equipped with a triple scale providing the most important units °Oechsle, Saccharose and KMN/ Babo. All these units are measured according to the same principle, whereby 16.5 g sugar result in approximately 1 % alcohol. The "mashweight" places in Germany an important quality and/or classification criterion for the descriptor of the vines. 1 °Oechsle at the scale of the winegrower refractometer corresponds to a specific weight, around 1 the g/kg more highly lies, than that of water: It amounts to thus 1,001.

Measuring range: Brix: 0-44%, Oechsle: 0-190 °Oe, KMW: 0-38°
Resolution: Brix: 0.2%, Oechsle: 2.0 °Oe, KMW: 0.5°

Calibration: zero calibration with water at 20°C


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