This model with a high resolution Brix scale is developed for low concentration.the scale has been magnified and high precision measurements are possible. It  is handy for low concentration in wine, soft drink, fruit juice and most kinds of beverage or coolant. Clearly bright blue field, a boundary line with good contrast.

This unit is especially handy for maintaining Soda Fountain mixtures! Forget Brixing Cups, this unit is much, much easier! Companies from Taco Bell to Icee  use these units to measure the soda water (or filtered water) to soda concentrate.

Metalworking Fluids: Help maintain your coolant levels to improve finishes, extend tool lilfe, elongate your coolant life and save you money!  Excellent for Soluble Oils, Semi-Synthetics, and Synthetics。


ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation): accurate measurements without recalibration after shifts in ambient working temperature


Measuring range:   0-18% Brix.
Accuracy : +/-0.10% Brix.

Compensation temperature range: 10C-30C

Calibration: zero calibration with water at 20C


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